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Assessment of you need
Our first step is to analyze together with client companies what talent they need. This includes a full understanding of how the organization is structured, candidates’ capacity and experience, other detail requirements which the right talents should meet.
According to job description, our comprehensive database allows us to perform an initial search to identify suitable candidates within a matter of minutes. We also have extensive sources of networked information through referral connections, which can provide linkages to key players in diverse industries. Our global network research division can also source potential candidates throughout the world. We make contacts with prospective candidates to determine suitability, recognizing their abilities as leaders and technical experts who can keep up with rapid changes in the market. We will also assist by placing suitable advertisements through our website and various kinds of media means with appropriate readership profiles.
Our consultants will phone qualified candidates to know their desires on the job. Meanwhile, regular reports will be delivered to you on time.
First Interview & Evaluation
Our consultants will arrange interview with potential candidates and assess their experiences, skills and suitability for the positions and enterprise culture.
Clients’ Interview
For your convenience, interviews with candidates can take place either in your office or in our office, venue and time slot will be suitable for both client and candidate. We can also arrange long-range equipments or itineraries and travel procedures if interviews are to take place in another city. After interview, consultant will deliver feedback from both sides.
Candidates’ Reference
If client make decision, we can ask employer or related individual to act as candidate’s reference to make comments.
When procedure is coming to end, we can help negotiate for salary and appreciate everyone’s help in name of client.
For hunting high-ranking talents, it is the key to assure our client of ability to make the candidate’s boarding go smoothly. All the time our consultants keep nice relationship with candidates in order to avoid disadvantage and misgiving in period of candidates’ transition, which may affect the project.
Follow up
Our services do not cease upon the offer of employment being made. We will continue to monitor performance in early days and hold discussions with the clients. Experience tells us that this initial stage of a new relationship is a crucial one. We will provide constructive advice to anticipate and avoid problems during this period of adjustment. We will keep close touch with the client in order to ensure that the successful appointee is setting in and is able to adapt with the new culture and environment. We try our best to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. This is because your success is our success.
We hope our candidates can do well and success beyond your expectation in new position. Our consultants will visit clients and candidates for feedback. This strict style is due to not only admiration for our jobs, but also our long-term partnership between clients and us, between candidates and us. So two-third of our business is from old partners. It is not individual commission but our global unique examining and calculating system that motivates our consultants to make great efforts, which can guarantee your expected results and our professional abilities.